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Old 06-27-2006, 01:13 PM
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Originally Posted by nonpareil_one
Nor is pressing the red button. If you want a nice solid way of learning to fly a heli while using G3 you would do the following.

1. Fly until you crash
2. Burn a random amount of money ranging from 100 - 350 dollars
3. Cover your hands in caster oil, dirt, and put some 3mm hex head screws in and out of something for 2 hours
4. Wash your hands
5. Hit the red button and fly again...

Your logic is just as asinine. Ask blueborg (snoopy) about this heli as a training tool, it's because of this heli and the advise of a few friends that he's come as far as he has with performing non-stop piro flips. He was getting very discouraged in the beginning by having to reset over and over. After a day or two of just being able to 'kick it up' off the ground his use of the neg collective in them allows him to keep them airborn now.

FWIW, here is my instructions for a 'nice solid way' of learning to fly an airplane in G3 because well, you gotta keep the sim as real as possible according to the above logic.

1. Fly until you crash
2. Go outside and pretend to pick up small peices of useful things from large piles of useless stuff
3. Cry alot
4. Burn 50 - 500 dollars depending on what plane you crashed.
5. Cry some more, perhaps have your family put you on suicide watch.
6. Wait 2 weeks to several months depending on what plane you crashed.
7 Hit the red button - repeat.

Ok Then why did you buy G3 then? HUH? The RED BUTTON is there to help you. It is there to help you learn incase you mess up so that you can learn not to rely on it that much for each plane. I think the reason people buy these simulators is because they want to learn how to fly, Improve their skills, Fly when they can't outside, Or just fly when it's rainy or snowy. I think that's the reason why people buy simulators! What did you buy it for. It isn't about crying and having suicide attempts bla bla bla when you crash a plane. It's tough but that's why the sim is there. SO YOU CAN LEARN NOT TO CRASH IT AND BECOME A PRO!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 06-29-2006, 07:12 PM
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that's incredible what you can do with it but it looks really fake since no real helicopter (to my knowledge) can do that. But 1+1/2 thumbs up for the idea.

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