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Old 07-13-2016, 11:52 PM
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Lost origional disk.

I recently moved and wanted to install my RealFlight 6 game to prepare for upgrading to 7.5 I found the box with serial# but no disk, I also found the Megapack airplanes and heli disks I bought at the same time. I do not want to buy the whole set as I already have a Interlink Elite, is it possible to just buy the 7.5 software? Or download the version 6 I already paid for and buy the 7.5 upgrade?
The Realflight6 disk box says Great Planes is Real Flight a Great Planes or Knife edge product?
Should I count it as a Loss and just rebuy it in the latest format and toss my old Interlink? how does Realflight 7.5 differ from Realflight Drone?

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Old 07-14-2016, 06:43 AM
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You should try contacting support. There's a button on the top right of this page. The software is not download able, but if the serial is registered to you they will likely send you a new disk.

I'll defer to others for the product differences, but if it were me I'd go look at the product info and read the forums.

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Old 07-14-2016, 07:21 AM
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You don't need RealFlight 6 installed to upgrade to 7.5. Just your interlink. You only need the serial number from the interlink. Even if you have 6 installed, 7.5 would be a separate installation and you would have both.

RealFlight Drone is based on RealFlight 7.5. It's only for multirotors, does not have a editor, no multi-player or ability to import anything. Realflight 7.5 does have most of the multirotors already thought with the exception of the newest ones released only in RealFlight Drone. If you purchased RealFlight Drone you would get a new interlink just like the one that comes with realflight 7.5 (and 6). If you have the interlink, just purchase the RealFlight 7.5 upgrade disc.
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Old 07-15-2016, 01:36 AM
EdwardMH EdwardMH is offline
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thanks have it ordered.
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