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Old 07-12-2017, 12:29 AM
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Oil change for my RFX

Yesterday I stumbled across something with my RFX that enabled me to gain some graphics performance. I want to share that with you.

I use an i7 CPU and 1070 GPU and a Spektrum DX6 as controller. Since the last official RFX update I noticed that I got reduced frame rates below 60 when I flew planes with high graphics details, like the B25 and the SBach. Before the update these planes and the Flight School scenery motion were mostly smooth. After the update I got stuttering in these planes and scenery but not with simpler planes like the Sensei and Piper.

With my many Win10 updates in the past six months, my RFX motion became progressively twitchy, but only occasionally.

The flap function in the planes editor and RFX were not the same. They required radically different values for flaps up, take off and landing.

Yesterday I used successfully a Fubata transmitter as the controller for RFX but it could provide the four channel functions only. When returning to the Spektrum DX6, my mode and flap switches stopped working, even when I was using the correct controller setting in RFX.

I ended up doing a default reload (RFX opening screen) and manually reconfigured my old RFX settings as before. The flaps and the mode functions started to work correctly. The flap behavior is now identical in the planes editor and in RFX. The stutter with the complex planes went away. After a couple of hours of flying I have not noticed the occasional twitching. This apparent oil change renewed my RFX. If you encounter similar issues this may help.

Reloading the defaults wiped out the manual setting for v-sync in RFX. You will need to do it again.

Happy flying,

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