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Old 11-26-2017, 10:59 AM
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8.5 Ideas... new features & return of old ones

I'm enjoying g8 very much and even though it's early, I thought we might start a wish list for 8.5

Posted on 8-31-13
I really miss a few features from previous versions that were removed... how about you?

1) In the g5.5 gyro, there used to be a setting called Acceleration Rate. It controlled how fast the heli would reverse from full rudder one direction to full rudder opposite direction. Smaller helis usually are slower reversing than larger ones. Now that setting is gone and all helis reverse instantly.
Is there some way I can adjust this to have just a little delay for my smaller helis?

2) The ability to toggle collisions on & off. Yes, it's more real to have midairs... but in front of the camera is the most flown area, and it would be nice to have a choice.

3) The old events were all replaced with combat events... Limbo, autorotation, etc. Isn't "and" better than "or" ?

Originally posted on 6-25-14 (This idea had some support)
Add a Global Button for the room... Mute Other Pilot's Aircraft Sounds
- Voicechat would be unaffected. (Still could use the existing Mute for individual pilots)
- You could still Hide an individual pilot.
- Another property of this Global feature could be... you would hear only the sounds of the aircraft your camera is on... so if you switch your view to a given pilot... you would hear only his sounds.

This way, you could hear your own aircraft which is important in real flying. Voice chat would become much more understandable without a room full of engines & rotors. And you could still see all the other pilots flying!

The problem with the sound reduction and it's percentages is that it reduces your own aircraft sounds along with all others... so if you're drowned out at 8%, you're still drowned out at 40%. And yes, the Hide button works but why join a room if you end up with all the other pilots hidden?
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Old 11-26-2017, 11:23 AM
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1. There's a Volume property on the Landing Gear and Tire but if you set both to Zero you still hear a Thud when you land it would be great to be able to set both of them to Zero and not hear anything when you land. Of course being proportional would be even better so a very low volume level will barely be heard.

2. RealFlight would take on a very new look if you replaced virtually all of the 3D textures. I don't think anything in the graphics engine needs to be changed just replace the textures with higher quality ones at the same resolution. That is, a graphics artist should be able to improve the look of each texture without increasing the texture resolution, so nothing changes but the texture itself. I've seen this done in a few games by modders and the game looked much better.
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Old 11-26-2017, 11:46 AM
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Oh almost forgot the most critical suggestion for 8.5...

Leave the physics alone... you got it perfect now so please don't "improve" it!
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