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Welcome to KEmax!

Introducing the Knife Edge Content Creation Toolkit

Want to create your own unique model for RealFlight? How about adding that latest aerobat that you've seen at the hobby shop? If the response is a resounding "YES", you'll want to experiment with Knife Edge's custom Content Creation Toolkit, KEmax. KEmax allows you to expand the capabilities of RealFlight with new content and new creations. It also allows you to test your 3D modeling skills.

Developed by Knife Edge Software, KEmax is the Knife Edge Content Creation Toolkit, which allows you, the end-user, to increase the offerings and the fun in your favorite R/C simulator with custom content creation and sharing. Using the same tools as our artists at Knife Edge, you will be able to model your own content for RealFlight. Once you've created the models, our custom export tool then allows you to experience your creation first-hand in the simulation. Knife Edge also maintains the Swap Pages to make it easy to share your creations with the rest of the RealFlight community!

Below, you'll find an overview of how to start using these new features. For those ready to jump in and start making your own models, be sure to check out the supplied tutorials for useful tips on developing your own content as well as information on how to ensure that your models are fully functional within the simulation. Additionally, we encourage you to check our site frequently for new resources pertaining to the KEmax Toolkit.

KEmax Toolset Overview

Here is an overview of what you'll see with KEmax:

KEX KEX is our custom model file format used by RealFlight to display the visual mesh. Model your own creation and use our custom exporter to make your own planes, ready for importing into the RealFlight simulator!
RFX Sharing aircraft variants, color schemes, and new vehicles is made easy with the RFX file format. Using RealFlight, you can export your customizations to a common format making it easier to share your creation. These files can be imported from within RealFlight, giving you instant access to new content.
G3X The G3X file format is RealFlight G3's standard for sharing custom content. The G3X file format is the predecessor to the RFX file format now used in RealFlight G4.

Quick Start Guide & Resources

Exporting RFX / G3X Files

To export a custom color scheme, aircraft variant, entire airplane, or airport, follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch RealFlight.
  2. If necessary, load the content you wish to export.
  3. From the Simulation menu, select "Export" and choose what you wish to export.
  4. Save the file using the dialog that appears.

Importing RFX / G3X Files

Import RFX and G3X files in these easy steps

  1. Launch RealFlight
  2. Select Simulation->Import->RealFlight Archive (RFX, G3X) from the menu.
    Note: In RealFlight G3.5, this menu option is Simulation -> Import -> G3X.
  3. Locate the RFX / G3X file you wish to import.
  4. The new asset will be available in its selection dialog under the Custom category.

Creating Custom Content

For detailed information on creating RealFlight content, please consult the tutorials that we have prepared for you.