FlightAxis Link

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FlightAxis Link Terms and Conditions

The FlightAxis Link provides a network interface to RealFlight 8. With this functionality enabled, you can obtain the vehicle state information from the simulator and (optionally) send control inputs to the vehicle.

These communication channels allow RealFlight to be used as a safe testing ground. Applications include:

■ Software- or Hardware-in-the-loop autopilot development
■ External flight logging
■ Aircraft design optimization
■ Whatever else you can dream up

For more information, you can visit our FlightAxis Link forum.

Instructions for unlocking FlightAxis Link:

1. Update to the latest version (currently 8.00.023)
2. Run the RealFlight 8 Launcher (not the simulator)
3. Click "Technical Support "
4. Click "Enter Tech Support Code"
5. Enter the following code: LINK
6. A message box will appear with a new code. Enter that code in the "Response Code" box on this page.
7. Complete your order.
8. You should receive a final unlock code by email within 1 business day. Repeat steps 1-4, and enter the code you received.
9. You should receive a message indicating that Link functionality is now unlocked.