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Airbus A380 4 x 92N KJ66 + PRG (2SSoT+AB)_AV
File Details
Airbus A380 4 x 92N KJ66 + PRG (2SSoT+AB)_AV
  • Size: 24.6 KB
    Requires: Airbus A380_EA
    Version: 4.50.021
  • Author: Nigel_B
    Date Added: 02-13-2010
    Downloads: 3787
    Score: (Awaiting 15 votes)
    -- PLEASE UPGRADE -- See ViennaLex76's note below.

    This is a very easy to fly (and land!) ,120 kph variant of ViennaLex76 latest EA of his wonderful rendition of the Airbus A380 (Airbus A380_EA).

    It differs in only a few respects, but improves in many areas:

    The four P120-SX JetCat turbines have been replaced by four KJ66 turbines, each producing 92N (nearly 21 lb) of thrust.

    However, these turbines only consume fuel at a rate of 237 cc per min each at full throttle (compared to 380 cc per min for the P120-SXs), so the fuel tank has been reduced in size accordingly, from 14.8 litres to 11.5 litres.

    There is sufficient fuel to keep the model flying at full throttle for 12 mins, compared to 10 mins for the original EA's 4 x P120-SXs.

    The need for a CofG adjustment has been eliminated by adding 1kg of ballast at the nose and reducing the weight of the fin and tailplane.

    The fuel tank has been repositioned to sit squarely over the neutral point so that the trim of the model doesn't change as fuel is consumed.

    The AUW of the model has been reduced from 87 kg to 81.5 kg , and the wing loading reduced slightly from 109 g/dm^2 to 102.5 g/dm^2.

    Unused channels have been removed and wheel brakes are now used accross the board.

    Most of the controls are as per normal, the differences are noted below:

    Negative 100% (-100%) exponential has been added to the throttle at all times to give more precise control of the turbines at low power settings.

    The spoilers now extend in two stages; reducing the throttle to idle RPM extends onlythe inboard spoilers, closing the throttle fully extends all spoilers.

    As soon as the throttle is cracked open slightly, the spoilers are retracted - 2 Stage Spoilers on Throttle (2SSoT) you only need to activate the first stage when slowing from a high speed as these are very effective by themselves in this part of the flight envelope.

    The wheel brakes are activated by pushing on the stick, i.e. giving 'down' elevator. If the gear is down, pushing on the stick also extends all spoilers to function as Air Brakes (AB).

    A pitch rate gyro has been added to to the pitch channel to limit the rate of change of pitch at high speeds, but still give good pitch authority at lower airspeeds.

    The result is a model that can fly 1 metre off the deck at 75 kph without any hint of drama , all the way up to 210 kph, performing in a realistic, scale-like fashion all the time.

    Again, many thanks to ViennaLex76 for producing this excellent Airbus A380_EA and I hope we will see more fruits of his labour in the future as he is clearly another very talented man.

    Great stuff, Lex - Keep 'em coming! Ifyou like to build French airliners, how about the Caravelle? S he was one of the 'prettiest' airliners ever!


    P.S. Ghimmy47 suggested reducing the rudder throws by 5 deg or so and I concur.

    Reducing the throws of the upper half of the rudder from +30 deg and- 30 deg to +25 deg and -25 deg is a definite improvement. (Guess who doesn't use the rudder a great deal!)

    Notes from Lex'spage for the Airbus A380_EA:


    Thanks to all peoples who tested my Airplane and made a good feedback about mistakes and bugs. Some changes were necessary in the .KEX file so it's not possible to post an Aircraft Variant.

    Sorry for the inconvinience but if you want to get some problems fixed, you must download this version and replace your old A380 with this one.

    Wheel pivots have been fixed - now the wheels spin in the right way and the Aircraft doesn't look like a low-rider when choosing "Springy scale retracts" gears in the editor.

    Some minor channel affectations have been changed to complie with the most RC-pilots. Sorry guys, I'm just a 3D-Designer and I don't even have a RC-Airplane so it's hard for me to know how to set up a plane or heli.

    I hope you will like this version more than the old one, and post your variants again, i love them.

    I wish you much fun with this upgrade!


    P.S. Ghimmy47 suggested reducing the rudder throws by 5 deg or so and I concur.

    Reducing the throws of the upper half of the rudder from +30 deg and- 30 deg to +25 deg and -25 deg is a definite improvement. (Guess who doesn't use the rudder a great deal!)
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