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File Details
  • Size: 4.51 MB
    Includes: Color Scheme: SU-27g, Variant: SU-27g
    Version: 3.50.065
  • Author: arb6591
    Date Added: 10-03-2007
    Downloads: 43309
    Score: 9.4 (55 votes)
    Please update to the latest G3.5 version.
    Some user were experiencing "bad" flying characteristics using older versions.

    This model is based on the famous Russian fighter SU-27UB.

    3D modeling, Physics and CS is the work of Andrzej Borysewicz.

    RealFlight Specifications:30% Scale, Turbine powered, Top speed 200mph, functional flaperons, slats, elevons, air brake, retracts, brakes linked to elevator, smoke.

    3 pos switch - flaperons/elevons/air brake different flight configurations
    Upper right switch Retracts Knob - smoke

    Modeler's notes: The g suffix (as my previous model F-20g) indicates that this model was created exclusively with GMAX and then converted to a KEX file using Deep Exploration and the DOS based KEX converter.
    Some aspects of true scale performance have been forgone in favor of making this a fun model to fly.

    I would like to take the opportunity to thank Mr. Doug Kaye for his input and support during the final process of design.

    Please send your comments here : http://www.knifeedge.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18239

    Enjoy! Andrzej
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    Selected Comments
    11-23-20088TeamsmashbrosToo big, but very stable in straight flight. It tends to want to over shoot any control inputs, but the detail is great. I give it an eight.
    10-05-200810HX3D014Thought I should Add a comment seeing This is now an Option. And that this is a great Model. Excellent Model and Great Choice. one of the Nicest 5th Gen Planes around and an Excellent rendition of it. I think the Su Guys would all Appreciate the work you have put in to this Beast and Knowing how you went about it with the limited 3D tools and how long it took shows dedication passion and Skill. Thanks again for creating this beast and for also letting us have at it for the conversion to the SU-30MK. I may never own a real big bird like this but now with you and real flight I am as close as I will get and Loving it.
    04-09-200810fizziksguruI couldn't fly this at all when I first got it. Sorry I didn't get back to rate it as I was too busy learning the sim. Very nice and thanks for the work.
    01-03-200810opjoseFantastic plane. j waingasekera doesn't seem to be able to figure out how to import it properly... sigh...
    04-27-200910LuvEvolution7this airplane is fantastic. it's by far my favourite to fly out of any from the program and the swap pages. once you get used to it, it's a complete *****cat and very forgiving. the only downside to it is the lack of fuel, cause I always run out. LOL. SU-30 conversion would be good (if I knew how to do it). thrust vectoring and canards would be cool, especially on a beast this size

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