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Extra330L DC_EA
File Details
Extra330L DC_EA
  • Size: 3.15 MB
    Includes: Color Scheme: duane cameron, Variant: Extra330L DC
    Version: 3.50.033
  • Author: Tail Dragger
    Date Added: 11-24-2006
    Downloads: 40377
    Score: 9.7 (101 votes)
    This is a highly Aerobatic Plane Based On My Real Columbo Anderson 330L Extra,Just Limit Yourself.
    Special Thanks;
    Rick Deltenre For Designing the 330L and Putting it into Realflight.
    Seth Arnold for the G.3.5 Edits
    Thank You,
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    Selected Comments
    12-08-200910rc airplane nutIt is my favorite!
    02-14-201110TJ_the_JetManAnyone who knows TailDragger knows this plane. I love It!, All Hail Duane C.................JetMan™
    11-06-200810ACESHIGH10203Love it.
    03-20-200810wjones321A beautiful bird in handling, realism, and looks. My #1 love to fly 3-D.
    10-31-200910Yusuflyerthe best aircraft to practice my favorite aerobatics especially hovering still, flips, twirls, knife edges and so much more

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