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  • Size: 51.18 MB
    Includes: Color Scheme: Grumman_G44_Military, Variant:
    Version: 4.50.025
  • Author: maxkop
    Date Added: 12-24-2008
    Downloads: 13070
    Score: 10 (25 votes)
    Aircraft Model: Grumman G-44 "Widgeon"


    The smallest of Grumman's amphibians developed for civil use, the Widgeon was conceived as a light personal and executive transport, following the success of the larger Goose.

    The prototype Widgeon flew for the first time in July 1940, but America's impending entry into WW2 stalled plans for civilian production. The first production Widgeon was the military J4F1, a three seat anti submarine patrol and utility version for the US Navy. The US Navy and US Army Air Force ordered large numbers of Widgeons throughout the war years, others saw service with the US Coast Guard and 15 were supplied to Britain's Royal Navy, that service originally calling the aircraft Gosling. In all, 176 Widgeons were built for military service during the conflict.

    After the war, Grumman refined the Widgeon for commercial use by altering the hull profile for improved handling on water and increasing seating capacity for up to six. Grumman built 50 of these as the G44A, while a further 40 were built in France as the SCAN30. Most SCAN30s were delivered to customers in the USA.

    US firm McKinnon Enterprises offered conversions during the 1960s to both the Grumman Goose and Widgeon. McKinnon's Super Widgeon conversion involved fitting G44As with Lycoming GO480 flat six cylinder engines driving three blade propellers, which significantly boosted top speed, climb performance and range through improved fuel economy and extra fuel tankage. Other changes incorporated on the Super Widgeon were then modern IFR avionics, new wider cabin windows, more soundproofing, an emergency escape hatch, and as an option retractable wingtip floats. Modifications to the hull and structure meanwhile allowed an increase in the Super Widgeon's maximum takeoff weight.

    Small numbers of Widgeons and Super Widgeons still fly, mostly in private hands, with a few in commercial service.

    Original Aircraft - Design: Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation

    3D - Model and Texturing: maxkop

    Physical Aircraft Model: opjose

    RC - Function: Aileron; Elevator; Rudder; Flaps; Wheel Brakes; Trim Rudders; Retractable Landing Gears

    Wing Span: 3.1 (m)
    Length: 2.4 (m)
    Weight: 22.6 (kg)
    Power: Zenoah G-45 with Standard Industrial Muffler
    Prop: Zingar Standard Wood

    Original Aircraft Data: G-44-A

    Building Year(s): 1940 - 1949
    Wingspan: 12.19 (m)
    Length: 9.47 (m)
    Height: 3.48 (m)
    Wing Area: 22.8 (m^2)
    Curb Weight: 1470 (kg)
    Max Takeoff Weight: 2052 (kg)
    Maximum Speed: 257 (km/h)
    Typcial Cruising Speed: 209 (km/h)

    Initial Climb Rate: 305 (m/min)
    Flight Range: 1481 (km)
    Absolute Ceiling: 4450 (m)
    Engine: Two Ranger 6440C5 six cylinder; inverted, inline piston engines driving two blade propellers
    Power: 150kW (200hp)

    Project - Data:

    Start: August/September 2007
    End: November 2008

    Have fun with the Grumman G-44 "Widgeon"


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    Selected Comments
    12-25-200810inky00Simply outstanding work Max.The attention to detail in the colourscheme is fantastic and with the normal and specular mapping its truely amazing.The only thing i would say is that it seems to sit a little high in the water and as such the rudder sits above the waterline making turns slow and the trim tabs only move when the surfaces move.Merry Xmas to all.
    01-01-200910divebuddAMAZING work! Thank you for all the hard work that you have put into this project! 10 THUMBS UP!!!
    12-25-200810Captain SkipWow ... awesome. Not only do I agree with all the other positive comments about the aircraft, I also want to thank you both for your generosity and willingness to share your talents and hard work in developing this historic amphibious Grumman G-44 with us. What really makes this posting so special is that it is given to us on Christmas ... thank you for this spectacular EA "gift."
    01-18-200910brentgMax, You have raised the bar again,superb detail. 5 Stars..... Thanks guys
    12-25-200810flip3dWOW! I'm loving it. A great Christmas gift.

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