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CDT Trex500 ESP G45_EA
File Details
CDT Trex500 ESP G45_EA
  • Size: 6.16 MB
    Includes: Color Scheme: cdt trex500 esp g45, Variant:
    Version: 4.50.036
  • Author: CollectiveDT
    Date Added: 02-16-2009
    Downloads: 31627
    Score: 9.7 (19 votes)
    Align T-Rex 500 ESP for G4.5
    Re-modeled for TREX500 ESP visuals.
    Proper Skid Flex behavior
    Gyro behavior adjusted for G4.5
    other minor tweaks.
    This model uses a high-power 6S 2500mAh battery, for advanced pilots flying hard 3D.

    3 flight modes via 3 position switch: Normal, Idle-up 1, Idle-up 2
    Dual Rates via top left 2 position switch.
    Throttle Hold via upper right switch.

    Thanks go to the beta test pilots:
    opjose, Perry at Aeromicro
    Special Thanks to: Finless Bob, Kevin "Fireup", Jason Chow for their valuable feedback.

    Align Logo and trademark used with permission.
    Thank you Andy Yu from Align USA, Alex, and Maggie from Align.

    For Private, non-profit use only. Any other use prohibited without consent of the authors.
    2009 Collective Designs
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    Selected Comments
    03-06-200910netwalkr101Everyone else has said it all. Thank you. Great job!
    02-16-200910wjkssmdSweet Bird... Excellent Job.. Thanks for the cooperation Align.
    02-16-2009103-DManGreat model CDT.
    03-15-200910rccardude04Amazing! Great tail, flies almost exactly like my real ESP. Mine doesn't flip quite as fast but that's in my setup, not the model here. Truly a 10
    02-16-200910doug schluterWhat can i say, thank you CDT for for the G4.5 Trex 500 ESP excellent .

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