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50cc QuiQue Yak54 ss_AV
hardcore acrobatic "SS" version of this plane plz rate
(plane guy, , 27.5 KB)
12-13-2011 484
50cc QuiQue Yak54_AV
original plane by thegibson original av by Wsetin final physics tweak by me enjoy -plane guy
(plane guy, , 27.8 KB)
12-13-2011 400
AR-6 Endeavor super pylon_AV
this plane is the fastest propeller plane i have ever created and the best racer too give it a try and let me know of an...
(plane guy, , 25.6 KB)
08-23-2010 579
B-25 g-5 bomber_AV
, flaps on 3 pos, throttle controls rpm, knob controlls prop pitch, and dual rates drops bombs and machine guns and retr...
(plane guy, , 50.3 KB)
01-07-2011 2022
B2 Spirit Stealth Bomber (Comb...
faster thats it
(plane guy, , 38.3 KB)
01-03-2011 1741
BLT Park Flyer alerons big_AV
a larger easy-to-fly BLT trainer with gyros. top speed is around 35, so its easy to manage. glides OK. feel free to...
(plane guy, , 24.5 KB)
10-29-2009 462
bomber practice_AP
looooong runway and a few things to make go boom boom
(plane guy, , 185.9 KB)
01-03-2011 762
C-119 Flying Box carlarge scal...
a large scale c-119 boxcar same controls, exept no dual rates, with brakes in its place thanks guys, -plane guy
(plane guy, , 27.7 KB)
03-27-2011 935
Cessna 182 SPEC OPS_AV
you got a problem, but want to dispose of it descreetly? well, flip the smoke switch and the "special powers"...
(plane guy, , 24.9 KB)
01-09-2011 555
cessna 182 SPEC OPS_CS
maching cs for my spec ops cessna av the below picture is of my matching spec ops av thanks again-plane guy
(plane guy, , 292.3 KB)
01-09-2011 459
Cessna 182 TRUE full scale_AV
a large scale cessna as true as i could get it. i had my dad( a former cessna pilot) test it so its ok.
(plane guy, , 58.1 KB)
03-24-2010 1621
Convair XFY-1 Pogo (jet engine...
conviar xfy-pogo more throw a jet engine in the back(the planes original equippment) controlled by the knob. it's easi...
(plane guy, , 31.4 KB)
10-26-2009 832
Dominion 160 3d heli_AV
domino 90 with a 160 sized nitro engine flys good in my opinion, let me know what you think!! *note* pleaze fly befo...
(plane guy, , 40.5 KB)
05-23-2010 703
Dynaflite Super Decathlond 2_A...
same as other just bigger
(plane guy, , 43.5 KB)
01-31-2010 650
Dynaflite Super Decathlond 3_A...
same as 1&2 just better camera position
(plane guy, , 47.5 KB)
02-20-2010 691
Dynaflite Super Decathlond_AV
a smooth flyer with a cockpit cam that can be controlled by the knob. this is a touring plane
(plane guy, , 53.6 KB)
01-30-2010 586
Escapade 40_AV
here is the escapade with a 40 fx and a 10x8 prop
(plane guy, , 30.5 KB)
10-17-2010 1163
Grumman A-6 Intruder chute tes...
test system for my su-47 berkut challenge
(plane guy, , 29.2 KB)
06-05-2011 855
jet ranger mkII_CS
a bright cs put together in an hour or two have fun and edit away!
(plane guy, , 513.4 KB)
11-21-2010 569
L-39 obstacle_AV
race/obstacle l-39
(plane guy, , 24.5 KB)
02-11-2012 331

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