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    Flying helis in 9.5

    Helis take hours of practice to hover. Start tail in, stick at it and eventually it will click, then start learning the other orientations. Small movements of the cyclic is all it takes. You could try the 230s in beginner mode, but really that teaches you to hold the cyclic input too long so...
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    Issue With High CPU Usage!

    When you checked Task Manager, did you click ”more details” and check all running processes? Was the high usage shown against Realflight or another process / service?
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    Helicopter Help

    in amongst the airplanes and at
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    Windows 11

    Thanks for the replies. Realflight is the only program on the computer so needed to make sure it would still work. I’ll press the upgrade button, but I expect it will be Christmas before it’s downloaded on my 2mb internet connection.
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    Windows 11

    My PC has just offered an update to windows 11. Does anybody know if Realflight 9.5 works ok with windows 11? Thanks.
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    9.5 crashes instantly upon loading

    There are a lot of people posting problems with 9.5 crashing. The common element is Radeon graphics cards. There is a post somewhere that suggests a driver version that works with some of them. Try a search for it.
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    Interlink DX Issues

    Just out of interest. When the interlinkDX wasn’t recognised, was the laptop running on battery or mains power?
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    Flying lawn mower

    Balloons or limbo I think.
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    Interlink DX Issues

    Don’t know if this will help, but you could try and delete the device in device manager, then plug it back in and see if it gets recognised properly. With the interlinkDX disconnected, go into Windows Administrative Tools ->Computer Management (if you run a separate windows administrator...
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    Orientation Training

    This is going to be really useful. With the position fixed, I can really slow down helicopter manoeuvres such as piroflips and practice the correct control movements, then only have to learn the collective management. Also an interesting experience with an aeroplane trying to get it to stand on...
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    Orientation Training

    Thank you, that is exactly what I wanted. I had to do it three times though. I thought I’d close the console using quit like with a dos window, closed the whole program. Tried again again with command exit closed the program… third time I noticed the cross up the corner.🤣. ooo and I can set...
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    Orientation Training

    I’ve been thinking about ways I can improve my helicopter orientation control skills. What I’d like to have is a helicopter model that just stays still in the centre of the screen, but reacts to the control inputs by rotating in the direction of the stick movements. I could then check I am...
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    Idea for next Realflight

    Thanks for the explanation. I’m well impressed with the aircraft I’ve downloaded, the detail in the models is incredible. Thanks to everyone for thier hard work.
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    Idea for next Realflight

    Well I’m confused. What do the different tags mean?