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    Too Many Unrealistic Flying Planes EXCEPT ........

    go to simulation then physics and set it to custom and make it about 125%. for me that makes them not as easy.
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    RFX revisited

    I hadnt played this in over a year. got a new rig now. ryzen 9 3900x with a 3080TI 32 gig 3600 ram. game runs really well. to bad the dev's dont get back in. this sim was way ahead of its time, but with all the options we have now it could really be something ! its still not perfect. even on my...
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    I see it...for me it does it when i carsh and hit reset then i see it dance for 3 sec tops
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    Unreal Graphics Engine

    If only RF would look this good :)
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    RealFlight 9 is coming soon!

    i would like to know how to keep all my imported files as well. id hate to have to reinstall ALL of them !
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    RF8 problem - crashes when trying to edit the model

    win updates I disabled win update. im using windows 10. got tired of the updates causing things not to work !
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    RF8 Loading error after windows update

    updates Im running windows 10. I disabled windows update for this very reason plus ive had issues on other things besides RF.
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    RF8 Add on Install issue

    installed mine yesterday. no problems except i did have to change some settings that Jeremy recommended as far as VR goes. seems like a lot of money for just a handful of planes, but I bought it anyway.
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    2080 / 2080ti

    anyone planning to get the new 2080 or 2080 TI ? i seen newegg you can pre-order at $1089 bucks. i was expecting it to be higher
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    RF-X 1.50.004 public beta feedback

    get after burner program then you can manually set your fan to run faster when your running RF-X. my 1080TI gets pretty hot too, but when i speed the fan up its fine
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    1100 series video cards
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    VR in RF-X

    2 1080TI wont gain you anything in VR, but it might help in RF-X, but one 1080TI works fine. thats I have and its working great. no need for two plus the cost of graphic cards are sky high right now. glad I bought mine when it was 750 bucks :)
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    VR in RF-X

    i have a 1080ti as well and vr looks amazing !!
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    Wright Island Fun

    you know you can dip your landing gear in the water ? sometimes it will cause a crash if you do to far
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    RF-X 1.50.004 public beta feedback

    windows updates my system is running great now so i went into services and disabled windows using windows 10 so Im not sure how you do that in 7. I got so sick of windows updates screwing up my installing generic drivers for my video etc. thats why i disabled it !