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    E-Flight Timber-X Recommended flap deflection??

    If I recall correctly, the Timber X only uses 4 channels + 1 for flaps and 1 for rates. You should be able to map a 3 position switch on your DX8e to the flaps channel and edit the Software Radio in the model to use 3 positions instead of 2. I think it's overkill, though. Isn't the manufacturer...
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    RealFlight Physics Speed

    Looks like VirtualBox has a feature called Warp Drive that will let you scale time as well. There was a problem reported 3 months ago with version 6.x, but 5.5 should still be available and functional for your purposes.
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    RealFlight Physics Speed

    The classic solutions are always available. While you cannot speed up time beyond 50%, you can MULTIPLY time via parallelizing the process. Either set up multiple VMs or multiple machines, though both would be best. I just looked into the option, and it appears possible to increase the time...
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    RF-8 Airport Design Basics

    Anything that can be created in 3Ds Max can be created in Blender. It's likely a motion path for the roller coaster and a rotation axis for the ferris wheel, but I haven't looked into it.
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    Changing the CG

    This should be interesting!! Post the final position of the CG and battery so we can see what you came up with.
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    File has canceled

    Okay. Downloading and importing should not be a problem, but you have to do it right and have the files that RF needs for things to work. Each plane, heli, or drone in RF has a 3D model, a physics definition, and a colorscheme. When you download from the Swap Pages, there are three types of...
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    Tractor 120

    I still have a server running 95, a laptop running NT, and another running Vista, so I have no problem "holding off" if I don't need the features or want to risk the instability of an OS upgrade. Literally the first thing I do on a new Winblows machine, after the setup releases control, is...
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    How do I change EXPO in RF9 using my Spektrum DX8

    Expo has a role, and high expo has a role as well. It's completely dependent on how you fly and what you fly. When used properly, it keeps the plane controllable while still allowing rapid and extreme control throws. I have used expo as high as 80% for some routines on planes that required 60-80...
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    Realflight9.5 No sound on full screen only

    This could be a sound routing issue or possibly video drivers. If you have an external monitor or speakers, check the volume on those. Likewise headphones. When you switch to full screen, the video driver comes in to play so it can route sound through HDMI and external monitors. If you...
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    more istalation problems

    Actually, that is a legit registry entry, not incorrect or bootleg. The problem is likely that there are permissions issues that are preventing you from properly writing the registry values during install. First and foremost, you must have Administrator privileges to install RF. Some people...
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    Request for F-35

    You can use the Advanced Search to search only for uploads with Search > Advanced Search > Search uploads. It strips out "common words," so you won't be able to search on "best," but you can always get hits on plane designations.
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    Realflight 9.5 Anti-Aliasing

    Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing is a great leap forward for many render-intensive video applications, but it needs to be coded into the game to produce a benefit in speed and graphic quality. The most notable downside it has is a loss of definition in the edges, hence your text fuzzing. If RF...
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    RF8--- Trimming

    And please watch the spacing... this is a family friendly forum... ;-)
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    downloading and installing aircraft on RF8

    EA - Entire Aircraft. Standalone and all included. AV - Aircraft Variant. This is just the physics file and ColorScheme. It requires the actual 3d model to be installed or included with RF before it can be loaded. CS - ColorScheme. Just the paint. Both the 3d model and the physics file must be...
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    Freewing and Flightline models

    I know that you are having a great time with RF and looking to have more, but I feel the need to sort of manage your expectations a bit. "as realistic as the real deal" translates to about 100-200 solid hours of work for the model and hours to days of tweaking the physics for each model. Those...