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    Cant fly inverted in either stunt mode in a DX8 or a DX8 G2

    watching your collective stick movements when you are inverted after you flip the switch, it stays in the position where it will continue to push the helicopter down into the ground. If you are not leaving that channel in the full up position on your TX then there is something wrong with your...
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    AP's not loading all objects and location.

    It would be awesome if KE would re-release these expansion packs. The models still fly correctly after all these years unlike the add on models and the additional flying fields they come with are nice.
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    AP's not loading all objects and location.

    Many of the user created Airports, require files from Expansion packs and add on's that have additional scenery files that are not included in the Stock version of Realflight. You would need to purchase the required expansion packs or download the free Addon files to get those addtional...
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    There is a Mig-29, and Mig-35 but its a foam model. I believe there is an SU-27, and SU-57 too
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    There are Lots of MiG aircraft , for the Sim the best one I've found is the MiG-15 on the Expansion Pack 4
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    selling my realflight 9

    You don't need a Simulator to fly anything from DJI, Parrot, Autel, etc. as they are smart devices that only function within a set limit. Just practice with the real thing. There is no special skill required to operate them which makes them popular for people who would rather take video and...
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    Airwolf download for RF9 please

    The ones you have downloaded are the ones available. They just need a physics update in the editor to fly correctly.
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    RF9 doesn't recoginize DX9

    Use bootcamp instead of parallels. There are threads on how to get it to work with previous versions of RF on Parallels but only with the interlink controller and it's not an easy process. Bootcamp is turning the Mac into a windows computer and everything works fine.
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    Buying Used Expansion Packs

    Make sure you get the CD Key that comes with the EP Disc. Tech support can remove the current registration for that Disc if you have the Key and then you can install it on your copy of RF.
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    Controller setup

    The issue is not a Realflight issue. Windows update has been known to kill the Taranis drivers for windows 10. There is a fix for it. Google is your friend, but here is something to start with.
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    Using a DX8 G2

    I don't have a battery drain issue with the interlink. Use the interlink controller that comes with the software and save the wear on your field radio.
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    Using interlink versus my iX12

    Also remember if you are using your field transmitter in realflight with the WS2000 you will be limited to 8 channels. Many aircraft in realflight use more than that.
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    Using the Orange Dongle with RF-X and a DX8 Gen1 Tx

    RF-X has never been updated to use anything but the hardware that it shipped with. When Horizon bought out Hobbico, RF-X development was canceled and no further support for other hardware was ever implemented. Do not expect any updates for this software as it's discontinued.
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    Realism RF9

    What plane are you using?