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    Does RF8 support no smoke with multiplayer?

    Hi, first of all does RF 8 support multiplayer? Second, if it does, is the host able to control turning off all smoke from all players who joins, just like being able to turn off all weapons? If so, then I will buy it. Otherwise I will not buy RF8 because of that darn pest who comes in multi...
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    Imposters smoking up Multiplayer

    WOW Thanks!! Now hopefully I can open my field again without passwords :D
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    Imposters smoking up Multiplayer

    KnifeEdge should implement an private message scheme so you can message the host before joining and be given the password.
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    Serial number ban instead of IP ban

    There have been several people who hack ip address to get around the ip ban and constantly goes into our field and smoke it or just to be a nuisance to everyone. Can the research and development department create some kind of system so that we can permanently ban these idiots from out fields...
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    How to keep helis from breaking so easily

    Is there a way to keep some of the stocks heli from breaking so easily? For example, the Rave Nitro. Even on a soft landing for some reason if the angle is just a little off it breaks and explodes into pieces, but you know that landing is soft and a real life heli will never break like that. If...
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    Server Down!!

    Yup! Same here.. No sessions found!
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    Timer is soo large!!

    Thanks, I have emailed them with suggestions on future upgrades.
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    Field of View not moving

    Thanks for the response.. the "W" trick worked!!
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    Timer is soo large!!

    Can you guys make the timer smaller or resizable on the next upgrade? It takes alot of screen space because its so big. Also can you add a feature where we can set a timer to countdown??
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    Field of View not moving

    Is there a way I can make the view "locked" in or not moving and following the helicopter? Thanks..
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    Crash Counter?

    LOL thats funny
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    Crash Counter?

    Can Knife Edge Development team implement a crash counter? I would like to know how many times I have crashed. Thanks..
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    Knifege Enormous Billboards

    How do I change the Billboard image?
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    Multi-Player Smoke Issue

    Can Development give us the option to have a funfly multiplayer without weapons and smoke!! The No Weapons Funfly is an option already, but can give us also no smoke option, because there are malicious people out there that just go into our field and smoke the whole field up just to irratate...
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    Blade dissappears behind net

    Thanks for the info.