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    Missing Aircraft??

    Just upgraded from RFg5.5 and I am missing the Electrifly se5a and foker d-7 also any PT-17 I have expansion packs up tp 5 had them before I upgraded. :(
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    G2 Airfield Imports

    Is there any way to import airport files from G2 into G3.5? A few years ago I reproduced my flying site in G2. Iwould like to bring it into G3.5 if possible.
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    Plane Request

    Could someone please make the new Great Planes SE5A or Fokker D-7 EP
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    G2 Planes and Field Imports to G3 ?

    Is there a way to import planes and airports created with G2 into G3? I have created several planes and my flying field in G2 but can't seem to get them to work in G3. However all the add on's seem to import just fine.