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    Camera not tracking plane w/triple monitors

    Keep ground in view mode will keep the horizon in the view even if the aircraft is going off the screen. Try using a different zoom mode and using the black switch on the controller to get a glimpse of the ground.
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    Realflight 6 Screenshots Thread

    Another lovely day above the water!
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    how to hide the menu bar, full screen in windows 8?

    Go to the Simulation menu and click on show title bar.
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    Too many heli's!

    You can press ctrl/cmd + F to open search, start to type in the name of what aircraft you want, and it should appear on the list.
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    RF 5.5 Aircraft Editor Data saving to file.

    Save the aircraft that you made changes to? I'm not sure I understand.
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    Request Aircraft here

    Realflight is only made for Air vehicles. You are better off getting a driving sim. If you would rather use Realflight I will try making one, but I am not too good at modeling.;) P.S. is it okay if I post it for version 6.5? I don't have G5 or G4.
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    How do I delete my Airport

    What about F10?
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    Zoom functions don't work

    Try pressing Z once or twice when you enter realflight. This changes the zoom mode. You can't zoom in or out in "Keep ground in view" mode.
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    64 bit support?

    It works fine here too.
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    Music when I fly at Joes Garage

    There is a sound emitter positioned where the radio is. You could edit the airport and delete the emitter, but you will need to save it as a different airport.
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    Poly limit increase for custom models

    Are you planning to make KEMax 2013 and/or 2014 in 64-bit? :D
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    Creating 3-D Airports in RF 7

    The edges of the texture that a projected object use MUST be transparent. In 3ds Max the material must also be named ~ALPHA or ~CANOPY KE really needs to work on this.
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    Creating 3-D Airports in RF 7

    My brother enabled water at that map for his AP and raised the water a bit. It creates a strip of land in the center. Edit: The flatlands and photofield maps are 100% flat.
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    RF7: Radio interface has some latency

    You can right click on Software Radio, go to Add >, and click Output Channel.
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    Creating 3-D Airports in RF 7

    If you want any custom runways Fun2av8RC, I'll make them for you too. I found a way to also make 'ground' patterns in GIMP.