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    Is there a douglas sb4 dive bomber to upload to RF9 ?
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    realflight 9 with ws2000 dongle with spektrum dx8 gen 2 tx

    when using the ws 2000 dongle, do I have to set up a new acro model then set my dual rates and expos before I bind? the directions suck.
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    Tiger Moth Crusader_CS

    Can this be downloaded to RF 9?
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    How do you connect the Spektrum DX8 Gen2 handset ?

    Go to HH website and purchase for about $10 the adapter cord that connects your radio to the RF controller then follow the YouTube instructions. The part number is 1015. Good Luck Gord
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    RF9 registration - donating RF8

    U could have got a free upgrade to RF 9 look up conditions
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    electric slow poke for RF 9

    I'm a noobie on this stuff can u tell me where I put this address?
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    electric slow poke for RF 9

    I need the file for above airplane if it's available. Thanks
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    durafly slow poke

    Does anyone know where I can upload this plane? Looks like a good flyer
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    p-47 razorback

    Could someone send me swap info on this plane? I really appreiciate the help.
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    Hawker Hurrican

    Thanks for saving me a ton of time looking. Also do you have a P-47 D from E-Flight
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    Hawker Hurrican

    does anyonr know if there's a Hawker Hurricane airplane download fo RF 8? There is a paint varient so I figured there nust be a physical plane.