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    Horizon Hobby live stream

    It was a lot of fun! Lots of great flying tips and insights into how Horizon brings products to market. All at the virtual Eli Field in RF9!
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    Horizon Hobby live stream

    Horizon is currently streaming a multiplayer session with several of their top pilots and product developers. I've been enjoying the show! It's on Facebook here. I expect it will also get archived to YouTube when finished. I'll update with a link when that happens.
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    SITL control inputs and aircraft attitudes output for MAVLINK

    The FlightAxis Link system allows connection to external flight controllers. There is a dedicated forum for this system here. There is not a formal SDK, but SITL with ardupilot has already been implemented by tridge. This implementation is open source and can be used as a template for other...
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    9.00.022 feedback

    I'm filing a case to consider allowing deadband for InterLinks. A couple of notes on the topic: First, it's not as simple as simply allowing the current game-device deadband to be applied to InterLinks. This is designed for gamepads and the like, and assumes a circular gate (the shape you get...
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    Using RF9 for developing autonomous drone racing

    This is very, very cool. Thanks for sharing!
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    RealFlight 9 MultiPlayer Hosting Profile Name

    If you are using RealFlight with Steam, your Steam display name is used for your multiplayer name. To change it, you just change your Steam display name in the Steam client. If you are not using the Steam version and this is happening, let me know. We'd like to get more information.
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    Acro fs update

    Update notes are available in the Steam Community for Acro FS. It is still in early access, but there's a lot of great stuff here that we are excited to share with the community as it becomes available. ...and it's hard to beat the price!
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    Jim Bourke Airshow Trainer (formerly Acro FS)

    Acro FS is still under development. An update went out yesterday - enjoy!
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    An update to Acro today

    Well spotted! Acro FS has been updated. For more information, check out the update notes in the Steam community. We'll be posting a news item here in the forums shortly, but you should definitely download and check it out. It's free, after all!
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    RF9 with Spektrum DX6 G2

    If I understand correctly, you're up against the limits of your transmitter. The WS1000 is an 8-channel receiver, so it shows 8 channels to Windows. Since your transmitter is a 6-channel transmitter, 2 of those channels never move. This is the same thing that would happen if you bind your DX6...
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    FlightAxis Link in RealFlight 9

    RealFlight 9 is the first RF version to support FlightAxis Link right out of the box - no beta branch or callback codes required. To enable it: Click Simulation>Settings. Select Physics from the list in the left pane. In the right pane, set "FlightAxis Link Enabled" to "Yes". Set "Pause...
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    Spektrum InterLink DX features and benefits

    TomC, RealFlight 8 does not contain all of the advanced mapping software necessary to handle all of the new 3-position switches. Most importantly, it lacks new tri-state control type that we use to set up the 3-position switches on the DX in RF9. The Tactic-based InterLink-X, with its 10...
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    Spektrum InterLink DX features and benefits

    Deadband is never applied to InterLink devices. There's nothing wrong with zeroing it out, but as noted in the setting description: "Note: This setting does not apply to InterLink devices, which never have deadband applied."
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    Moving Throttle Hold Switch

    Ah, I did not phrase my last post very well. First, I'll try to untangle that: On previous InterLinks, these shared a switch on the upper right, which we called "Smoke/Retract/Throttle Hold". Your results are not expected, though. I'd like to dig into that. On the InterLink DX when using its...
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    Moving Throttle Hold Switch

    Thanks for the report. As I understand it, you re-mapped the throttle hold switch in the software radio (from the standard Spektrum position back to the old-school realflight spot on Switch A), but the hover trainer is not respecting the swap. Is this correct? While we do extensive testing on...