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    Nieuport 17 for RF7.5 ?

    Is there a Nieuport 17 for ver 7.5 ? I haven't found anything though I'm new here and not sure if I'm efficiently searching. I'll be building the BUSA 1\6 version shortly and would like to have something to play with online during construction.
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    7.5 Launcher not staying resident post install on win 10

    I have recently moved to windows 10. Re-installing Real Flight 7.5 went fine and works fine. Once I shutdown and re-start, Real Flight Launcher is no longer there. Does anyone know the path?? Thanks Mike
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    Fokker DRI

    thanks... working well.. !!
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    Fokker DRI

    I have not been able to find a Fokker DR1. I'm new at this I currently don't have one installed so have not been able to find an "EA" version. I think i have that right. Where can I go on swap pages to get one? Thanks Mike