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    request: 77" Bucker Jungmeister

    Even unfinished ... "like no other " . Great work - as always - THANK YOU !!!
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    request: 77" Bucker Jungmeister

    Beautiful ...!!! Look forward to see your progress....
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    request: 77" Bucker Jungmeister

    Very nice !!! ...and fast ...
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    request: 77" Bucker Jungmeister

    Glad you ... Mostly because I like a lot your planes and I planed to make that beauty( but I dont have time ). So , look forward for your progress....
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    request: 77" Bucker Jungmeister

    Very good plans and info at ...... ...
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    IAR 99 - advanced jet trainer and light attack aircraft

    Unfortunately insignificant progress because I dont have any free time last two months. So I want to ask for your help ( I hope to reduce- soon enough- the number of polygons to 18,000 ) for texturing , pivots setup in 3dMax ( for landing gear ) and physics model in RealFlight. ( as we proceeded...
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    mapping in rhino i need help

    Of course not ... ...mainly because the model must be exported in 3d max ( which contain kemax plugin ) as mesh . As a working method: model in Rhino - all surfaces as mesh - export as 3ds in Ultimate Unwrap ( which I prefer but olso 3dMax is very good ) - import in 3dMax for pivots - export...
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    As Jeff would say, "I need a fix"

    Already start to make 3D model . In a few days I will post some progress.
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    Example .... ...just an example : a 3ds file made as zip
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    Kemax can make archive from 3ds file and then upload as a valid file type ( change type adding .txt or .bmp or .....)
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    Request Aircraft here

    What format is your model ? Maybe I can help you .....
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    Can the KEMax Plugin work in Rhino 4?

    I do not think is possible I do not think is possible. I olso design in Rhino ( generate surfaces with as few control points ) - mesh-ing - export as 3ds in 3dMax for UVW Mapping, pivots etc. I think is possible to export in Blender ( where KEmax plugin work ) to do all that .
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    sbach 342 G4.5?

    You make my day !!! I like how model look and fly . Knife edge like no other model - in my opinion . THANK YOU !!!
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    sbach 342 G4.5?

    Very nice.. ....CS . Look forward to see that beauty on swap pages .
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    sbach 342 G4.5?

    Agree !!! .....and can become an obsession ( at least for me , I love to make all details ) . From this point , 20 000 pollygons limit is really frustrating.