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    Transmitter interface

    An ordinary USB cable should work fine if you want to test it out. You may need to change the 'USB Mode' system setting to 'Joyst' if it is set to 'SDCard'. You can also set it to 'Ask' if you want to be prompted each time you plug it in.
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    Mini Computer Recommendations for RealFlight

    The 'official' Windows 10 minimum HDD space is 20gb for the 64bit version - in practice this is too small. 32GB is workable but you need to manage it carefully. I have BootCamp installed on an 80GB partition. With RF8, RF9.5 and ~50 models downloaded from the swap pages there is still ~25GB...
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    Realflight 9.5 and Spektrum NX6

    If it does not work in the Windows joystick control panel then it is not a compatibility issue with RF 9.5. Other people have reported success with the NX6 in 9.5. Changing to RF 8 or 9 will make no difference - it will still fail. It sounds like you have tried both the WS1000 and WS2000...
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    Realflight 9.5 and Spektrum NX6

    You say the left stick does not work in Windows settings - I assume you mean the joystick control panel. If it does not work in the Windows joystick control panel then it is not a problem with RealFlight. Is it both directions (left/right and up/down)? If it's only the throttle (up/down) do you...
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    Issue with Spektrum NX6

    In the Controller section of the game Settings check the Deadband Percentage is set to 0.
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    Issue with Spektrum NX6

    On my FrSky radio there is a setting to select the USB port mode - either Joystick or SD Card access. Perhaps there is a setting on the NX6 to enable Joystick mode. (The NX6 manual talks about accessing the internal memory via USB but no mention of Joystick. The product advertising says it is...
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    E-Flight Timber-X Recommended flap deflection??

    I have channel 6 set to a 3 position switch in the controller setup (using an FrSky QX7S). I tried the Timber-X and the flaps work as expected - 0, 50% and 100%.
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    Thinking of buying

    RealFlight 8 and 9.5 both run fine in bootcamp on an iMac Pro (Vega 56 GPU). I believe RF uses DirectX 9 for graphics which is pretty old and does not have very demanding GPU requirements. AFAIK the Apple bootcamp drivers have no issues with DirectX 9. RealFlight also runs quite well in a...
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    Who can help? looks like Ailerons has mix with throttle

    I suspect it's the difference between a true gimbal controller and a game controller. A gimbal stick moves in a square - full up and right is +100% in both directions. Game controllers only have circular motion of the stick - if you are at full up then moving the stick right decreases the up...
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    Carbon Cub S2 GPS

    In the aircraft editor, under the electronics tab, you can change the 'Spektrum Flight Controller' settings. You can change the fence to a large radius setting, change the small and large radius distances or turn off GPS altogether.
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    Who can help? looks like Ailerons has mix with throttle

    Setting the 'Deadband Percentage' setting to 0 fixes this on my FrSky controller. (Also applies to RF 8)