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    server issue

    Thanks for the update. If you can see sessions again then the server reboot appears to have done the trick. I agree, I don't think your firewall was the problem. There's a big difference between "I've never tried multiplayer before and it's not connecting", in which case a firewall is a...
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    server issue

    Were you able to confirm that it is working for you now? It was never actually down. It was working fine for us all the way up until we rebooted it. So whatever was happening affected some people and not others. That means the above reports were very helpful in identifying the existence of a...
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    G4.5 Online Multiplayer?

    It's still available, though not a lot of people are still way back on 4.5. Make sure you see this thread if you want to continue using it for public multiplayer sessions.
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    Removing Controller Profiles For WS1000

    See this thread.
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    server issue

    It was working for us, but based on multiple reports of trouble we have restarted the server. Please let us know whether you see improvement.
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    Spot Landing Challenge Not Working

    It sounds like you're running version 9.00.013. You're missing a couple of updates, one of which will fix your problem. Click the versions below for more info on each. 9.00.019 9.00.022
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    Shortcut RealFlight 9 Launcher not found

    I'll take a closer look at this tomorrow, but I saw that you had posted private information in this public forum, including your name, address, etc. as well as your serial number so I jumped in to delete those screenshots. For your own sake we discourage sharing personal contact info...
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    Swap File Delete

    I probably would have replied here if I had seen this in time. Please see my post here for info.
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    RF9 upload issues

    Without more details about exactly what you're doing I can't say for sure. Perhaps you are trying to directly upload a .recording file? You must first export the recording from RealFlight and them upload the resulting .RFX file. From the Simulation menu, select Manage User Files... Expand the...
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    Shortcut RealFlight 9 Launcher not found

    You seem to be talking about at least two separate issues, so I'm a little confused by your post. I'll try to help out, though. When you say the Launcher "becomes not found", are you talking about the desktop and/or Start menu shortcuts that point to it going missing? Or are you talking about...
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    Swap page uploads and moderation

    As abaser said above, it is not possible to delete an upload that has derivative work based on it--or at least it shouldn't be. We recently discovered that it was being allowed, however, and had happened a few times. That caused some problems on the back end, and we had to disable the ability...
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    Delete edited controller?

    Almost any custom content that you have--including custom radio profiles--will show up in the Manage User Files dialog. It lets you copy, rename, and delete those items as well as export them if they are a resource type that can be exported and shared with others via the swap pages. To access...
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    F-16 C Build Thread

    Yes, quite busy. I don't get grumpy often, but I'm a bit grumpy today over this stuff. šŸ˜ On the other hand, I'm still riding the high of figuring out what was happening with abaser's model, which helps. šŸ˜„
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    Swap page uploads and moderation

    Strap in, this will be a long post. It has come to my attention that there is a recent increase in people uploading content to the swap pages that they did not create. I suppose it's been a long time since we talked about how this works. Mostly people just "get it" by learning from everything...
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    40% Pitts Challenger (Bulldog)

    Oh, the .dds generation never actually failed. I may not have explained that part clearly enough. It succeeded every time! But the newly generated .dds files were still "older" than the .tgas according to their respective time stamps. And RealFlight checks more than once on load, so every...