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    NO SESSIONS FOUND (KnifeEdge is down)

    N8LBV - Add me to your list in favor of P2P in RF
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    Expansion Pack won't install for RealFlight 6?

    Another Solution that worked for me was ... I rebooted my computer and started Win7 up in Safe Mode with Networking and then installed the expansion packs that wouldn't install. Then I rebooted with Normal Startup.
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    Sound cuts on and off as I fly

    Thanks to you both, and from a friend I shared my situation with who doesn't yet own RealFlight, callsign, Kodiak. To fryfrog, Thanks, but my first option was to post here as well, seeing that my situation fit yours when the sound cut out from center, but not when the aircraft was to the left...
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    Sound cuts on and off as I fly

    I'm glad I searched the forums for this incident because it's kept me from duplicating a troubleshooting topic. The same thing has happened to me, yet IT ONLY Occurred after updating to the most recent patch, 6.50.016. Due to real life issues, it had been over 6 months since I last flew around...