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    Photo Field - again....

    Never tried to do this. One thing to consider - If you host multiplayer, nobody will be able to join your session if they haven't downloaded your custom field.
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    Too many glitches / bugs. Can't fly.

    Mostly just with multiplayer. Maybe it's the cumalative Windows-10 updates that are causing the problems. Realflight just behaves differently in a number of benign ways... in addition to these frequent crashes and glitches. It still does work fine for me too... when it works. There are just...
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    Too many glitches / bugs. Can't fly.

    This is getting bad now... I just gave up out of frustration even trying to sim today. I'm using... - Oculus cv1 - i7 2600k - 16gb ram - GTX 1070 I launch Realflight 8 from the Oculus library. Realflight always launches 'frozen' until I use the Oculus desktop to click on the screen and it...
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    Multiplayer merger

    This is great news... thankyou!
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    Do you have RF9 (or 8) and Oculus Rift S?

    Yes, very interested in this. I'm using the original Rift and though the experience is great... resolution leaves much to be desired. And I would assume that a higher rez headset would make all the difference, but some have said that Realflight is limited because it's DirectX 9. Seems like...
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    This is why I'm so upset

    Hmm. I never get any in flight stuttering, and my system is absolutely cutting edge & state of the art (7 years ago). i7 2600k 16gb ram gtx 1070. (Originally had sli 580s but found RF gains nothing from sli) But... There is and has always been a pause/freeze/stutter in Multiplayer when anyone...
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    3 people viewing RF9 ...

    +1 :cool:
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    Empty Multiplayer

    I remember that. It's a chief worry concerning RF9. RC flying is shrinking as a hobby and RF9 cuts shrinking pie into more slices. Bad for multiplayer.
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    Do you have RF9 (or 8) and Oculus Rift S?

    Interesting! Does 'most difficult' = More realistic?
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    Do you have RF9 (or 8) and Oculus Rift S?

    Not alot in RC8? As in a barebones sim? How's the multiplayer... lots of pilots? Any heli pilots? Lol... not many of us heli pilots on RF multi these days. Total plank & drone world. How's the editor? I've never seen anything like the RF editor. I've tried Phoenix, NeXt and AccuRC. All...
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    RealFlight 9 is coming soon!

    Yes, so many are guessing that RFx is abandoned and there's no voice to the contrary. It would be great to hear it if there's something new coming. Not everyone dissed x. Some of us saw it as a bud that could grow into something great... and we defended it as such against the complainers...
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    Do you have RF9 (or 8) and Oculus Rift S?

    I've never tried Ikarus. Realflight heli 3d physics seem spot on. Does RC8 feel the same? Edit: Whoops sorry, I see you already answered.
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    Do you have RF9 (or 8) and Oculus Rift S?

    Maybe I should take another look. Still sounds like something more akin to an EP or .5 version... but knowing me, I'll end up with it.
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    Do you have RF9 (or 8) and Oculus Rift S?

    This is the absolute first I've heard of any physics changes or VR improvements. These do interest me... 'cause I fly 3d helis in VR.
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    Do you have RF9 (or 8) and Oculus Rift S?

    Absolutely agree. RF9 is an Expansion Pack and should cost $35 and shouldn't fragment multiplayer further. More models & fields. Nothing to do with the core program... at all. I really enjoy VR in 8. But there are some improvements needed... - Nametags swim around un-attached to pilots. -...