100% Yak-54_AV

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100% Yak-54 (final version). Here's a genuine full scale performer, not some fake that takes off in a few hundred feet! New and improved. Old version had too much propwash so it tended to nose up and stall too easily. This is far more similar to how a full scale reacts. Has the exact official-spec wingspan (26 ft). The all-carbon airframe weighs 2000 pounds, compared to the official-spec flying weight of 2500 lbs. Engine has 440 horsepower compared to the real 360 hp (overpowered lightened custom full scale). Wheel brakes for the mains are on the 3-pos switch (all the way down for brakes off). STRENGTHENED LANDING GEAR INCLUDED. You must take off like you would in the real full scale, full throttle with some right rudder, and no pressure on the elevator until you build up airspeed and the tailwheel lifts off the ground. If you think this "flies like a brick with wings", try also thinking to yourself "hmmm, the REAL Yak-54 weighs 2,500 pounds, or 1.25 tons, maybe that's why". You wouldn't expect a full scale to fly like an RC, or weigh less than half the true weigh (1201 lbs), and if you do, well...
...that's a crying shame, LOL.

This variant requires: