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Updated this version with everything that is now in our field. This 3D Sierra Nevada mountains version has the East end shelter included now. Some of the trees have been removed and the files cleaned up so that if you have a decent video card in your computer, this AP will load up in about 40 seconds. There is a central and an East end pilot spawn, and there are also two helicopter spawns. Since it was hard to launch a glider from this airport, I have moved the Canton Blimp closer and included a floating runway under it with a pilot spawn so that you can launch your gliders from 2000 feet! If you are a fan of chase mode, this is ideal. If you are into recording your flights, upon playback you can switch between the spawn positions (X key) and view the recording from any of those positions while it is playing. Also with a recorded flight, depending on the plane you fly, you can switch between view modes (C key) during playback.

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