Full Throttle

8 minutes @ Full Throttle_RC

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How long can you keep it up?

Grab yourself a coffee, sit back in a comfy chair and check out a little P-51 aerobatics, Full Throttle style.

My latest entry for the Full Throttle Challenge.

I would like to dedicate this one to my good friend "HAWK"
One of the first people I met here on Realflight, my mentor and a hell of a nice guy.

A full 8 minutes, take off to landing, in an extreme obstacle course environment.

I find the hardest part about putting out a recording such as this?
Is knowing exactly when to quit, and therein lies the challenge.

To be honest, after landing this one I was feeling so confident and cocky that I felt like taking off again and going even longer,
but I didn’t want to push it all the way to the inevitable crash, and burn the whole thing.

Who knows, with enough practice maybe someday myself, or one of you other
“ACE” pilots out there will be able to put forth a recording entitled “30 minutes @ Full Throttle”.
I very much look forward to that day…

To properly view this recording you will need to have downloaded the airport:

BuzzNwaltZ FIELD (spelt exactly like this)

A hybrid Ap that ChuckIV has ingeniously created
by combining the works of both Buzz and Waltz,
with a few personal touches of his own.
I wish I would have thought of it myself!

Here is a link:


F3 chase view, F2 nose (or puke view as I like to call it)

I have only flown this one a couple (of hundred) times but already it has become my new favourite Ap for practice and combat.

So let’s see what you’ve got pilots!

Surely there has to be a few of you out there besides 25th Century who knows how to hit the record button and upload a file.

I jest!!!

Take care my friends and as always, may your only crashes be the ones with a red reset button.

Full Throttle.

This recording requires:

P-51 Mustang from RealFlight G4
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