Aeroworks Ultimate Biplane RF7 V2_AV

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The Aeroworks Ultimate Biplane will really bring out the 'hot dogger' in every modeler while providing the ultimate in flying enjoyment. The fully symmetrical wings ensure that the Ultimate Biplane is as comfortable flying inverted as it is flying upright.

The Ultimate Biplane is one of the most popular aerobatic airplanes ever produced. The ailerons on all four wings make for quick, clean aerobatics. The Ultimate Biplane is capable of some of the most outrageous stunts imagined. This mid-size scale replica offers the same crisp response and unlimited agility as its full-scale counterpart.

Various refinements for RF7. Modifications include altered center of gravity and wing angle of incidence as per tolerances allowed for the real life full sized Pitts Special.

Fly with the rate switch in the “High” position. Standard 4 channel controls with smoke on channel 7.

A fun, very tossable stunt airplane with real world flight performance characteristics.

This variant requires:

Ultimate Biplane from RealFlight 7