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Welcome to the Air & Sea Port. There is much to see and do in this little chunk of Aviation Heaven. This is an outstanding multi-player site as there is much to do and any number of pilots can share many different activites at the same time.

The Aerodrome is designed to support Line of Sight (LOS) and First Person Video (FPV) flying.

The fun can be begin in any number of places. First, Choose your Aircraft or Heli, and then Go to View > Camera Position and pick your starting point. The default starting position for Airplanes is the South Runway. Helicopters lift of the Heli Pad. Float flying is at the beach off the pier and Carrier Ops is onboard.

If you are really good and if Air Boss isn't paying attention - fly through the hangars in the Aerodrome - its pretty cool.

Now if you would just like to drive around and see the Aerodrome and the other airports, - choose any of the car's on the swap pages and follow the roads to the different locations. Check out the billboards along the way. Be sure to explore the hangars - fun stuff!

To change day into night is easy. Use Shift Page-Up to make the day light brighter and Shift Page-Down to turn day light in to night time. Watch the lights come on at -9 degrees. You will be amazed at how many objects have lights embedded. You will also notice that props and rotors are fully illuminated. I have found that multi-engine or pusher prop aircraft are the best to fly at night. That way you are not looking through a very brightly illuminated prop.

Aerodrome - Main Parallel Runway (18/36)
This is the default starting point. Your lined up on Rwy 36. Kick the tires, light the fire, and Go!!!
- Pilot (AP) Main Rwy 36 (Default)
- Pilot (AP) Main Rwy 18

Aerodrome - Grass Parallel Runway (18/36)
If you need take off/landing practice - try this runway. Don't land short - the sod fields on either end are no fun ...
- Pilot (AP) Turf Rwy 36
- Pilot (AP) Turf Rwy 18

Aerodrome Hangar 3 (Heli)
If you chose a Heli, your bird will be in front of Hangar 3 on the Heli Pad that is straight ahead.
- Pilot (Heli) Main Heli Pad

Air Boss
You can be the Air Boss in the Tower and watch all ops (multi-Player)or you can fly from the tower. Your airplane is lined up on Rwy 18. Its pretty cool flying 360 degrees. Landing on Rwy 18 from the tower is tricky. Rwy 36 is a lot easier. Here is one time Track-IR Pro would make LOS flying from the tower a breeze. You can also land at the CMB Airpark behind the tower. The trick is long finals to get lined up. For those who really got this figured out - try a carrier landing while in the tower. Flying as the Air Boss will really mess with your depth of field vision. It is tricky. Put this in multi-player mode and watch the fun! It is a barrel of laughs and can be very humbling. If you can do it in the L-39....Post a video! Absolute and total bragging rights.
- Pilot (AP) Control Tower Rwy 18

CMB Air Park Turf Runway(18/36)
A great country airpark where small planes have a blast on the grass runway. Hangar Rents only $30 a month. Watch out for the kite just off the right - it is kinda close to your departure path. It is a short runway, so be sure to keep your approach tight - not good to leave too much runway behind you when you land. Get on the brakes as soon as it is safe to keep from running over the curb at the end of the runway. Hint: Fly a small plane.
- Pilot (AP) CMB RC Club Rwy (36)

Gilligan's Island Runway (13/31)
Just off shore is a small island with an interesting runway. As you fly over the island, you will see the remains of those who were not lucky enough to make the landing. Do be careful. You can launch from the AeroDrome and fly across the water to the Island or you can choose the on-Island launch positions
- Pilot (AP) Gilligan's Island Rwy 13

Aircraft Carrier
There is an aircraft carrier just off shore. You can launch from any of the ground postions and fly to the carrier or you can choose one of two on-board launch postions.
- Pilot (AP) Carrier Deck
- Pilot (Heli) Carrier Deck

Sea Port Operations
If you want to float fly and you chose a seaplane - your starting point will be down in the water by the dock just off the beach. Otherwise, if you choose an Amphibian, then your start point will be on the turf runway. You can ROG or you can taxi ahead slowly making a right turn on to the paved taxi way that will take you to the water. Float Fly Helis start in the water just in front of the dock. The Sea Port has a water runway marked with buoys. They are a great help when you get lined up for final.
- Pilot (AP) Float Fly

Blimp Operations
Pick a nice slow landing airplane or heli if your that good and go FPV flying (Usually F4) or you can just fly with the Nose View (F2). Try landing on the top of the blimp. It may look easy....but it's not!

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