Airbus A380 20% Scale_AV

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Worlds largest airliner, up to 853 passengers, 70 million+ have flown on the A380. This 20% scale AV provides a challenging, super-heavy scale experience. The editor shows a weight of a little over 1000 lbs, but aerodynamic factors have been adjusted so that it will fly as though it weighs about 10,000 lbs. Recommend lots of runway and high rates until you get the hang of it (Tarmac or Evergreen Airport work well). Max speed level flight = 300 mph. Best approach speed = 105 mph. A custom sound mix adds to jumbo jet realism. Animated turbine blades respond to initial throttle increase and to the kill command (k). A separate steering mix makes take-off steering less sensitive while still giving you a nice turn radius for taxi. Air brake control has been mixed with flaps (control details below). DO NOT USE AIR BRAKES DURING FINAL APPROACH AS THEY GREATLY REDUCE ELEVATOR AUTHORITY. Pictures below were taken with the A380 Luster_CS color scheme.

Find all 25th Century airliner AVs CSs and RCs by searching "-=-airliner," or all 25th Century files by searching "25cent."

Controls: If you’ve flown the 10% scale AV, the controls are the same. The gear has been normalized to work the same as all other Real Flight aircraft (pull right 2 pos switch toward you to lower gear). Left 2 position switch is standard dual rates (low rates for a true scale flight experience, but high rates are a little easier). The 3 position switch turns on the air brake system which is then controlled by the flaps (rotary knob). 3 pos switch down = no air brakes, center = half air brakes, up = full air brakes. The gear provides a safety override for air brakes. When your gear is up, air brakes will not deploy regardless of switch position. Wheel brakes have not changed - engage with forward elevator.

25cent -=-fixed -=-scale -=-airliner -=-multiengine -=-jet -=-100+lb -=-40+kg -=-12+' -=-4+m -=-300+mph -=-500+kph -=-14-11

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Airbus A380_EA

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