Airbus A380_EA

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Thanks to all people who tested my Airplane and made a good feedback about mistakes and bugs. Some changes were necessary in the .KEX file so it's not possible to simply post an Aircraft Variant.
Sorry for the inconvinience but if you want to get some problems fixed, you must download this version and replace your old A380 with this one.

Wheel pivots have been fixed - now the wheels spin in the right way and the Aircraft doesn't act like a low-rider when choosing "Springy scale retracts" gears in the editor.

Some minor channel affectations have been changed to complie with the most RC-pilots. Sorry guys, I'm just a 3D-Designer and I don't even have a RC-Airplane so it's hard for me to know how to set up a plane or heli.

I hope you will like this version more than the old one, and post your variants again, i find them really cool!

Watch the video of the original A380 RC on youtube with 6.20m fuselage length and a weight of 97Kg :
first flight

I wish you much fun with this upgrade!


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