Align T-Rex 600 Flashback of an Insane Ant_CS

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This is a color scheme I did for the "Align T-rex 600 Nitro Pro v2" that Maxx did.

I created an "_s" .tga for this heli.

I also changed the text font on the side of the canopy to a new font. but it still says "Trex Pro Helicopter 3D"

Hope you guys like it, If you do rate. If you don't Rate and tell me what you would change.

I Picked the name so go with the dominion i did way back so that we now have "Concussion of a Deranged Caterpillar" and now "Flashback of an Insane Ant"

This canopy looks Better in the Sim.

Check out my site, more files and other R/C related things at

This color scheme requires:

Align T-Rex 600 Nitro Pro v2_EA

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