Blade Scraper

Align Trex 600 Nitro Pro_AV

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This is outfitted with Futaba S9252 servos and uses a simulated Rev max govenor. The servo speed is set at .11 just like the real ones are. I have also tweaked some major components, and now the gyro is set up just like my own Futaba 611 gyro, so now you will have a faster moving tail and the tail locks much better. You will also notice that the throws were changed also and the head speed to a more realistic amount. I hope this varient is enjoyed by all and thank you stuartmp74 for the awsome model and i can't wait to see whats next! And also thank you to maxx2504 for the awsome colorschemes, i hope to see more from you also, both maxx2504 and stuartmp74 are awsome!
Please feel free to comment and be specific, i will edit any problems.
Please enjoy and rip up the sky! :cool:

-Blade :cool:

This variant requires:

Trex 600N-G4-V1_EA