Alphajet 30N Turbine_AV

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This is another easy-to-fly, small jet. This time it is a 1.5m, 5kg variant of the extremely productive Nizz's Alphajet_EA. It is powered by a dimunutive 30N gas turbine engine which still has enough 'oomph' to allow the model to 'beat-up' the airfiled at 200 kph.

The 0.6 litre fuel tank will only keep you up for about 4 mins if you fly at full chat all the time, but hey, 4 mins of 200 kph, flat-out, low,low,low flying is probably enough (and amazing for only 30N)!

Wheel brakes are applied by pushing on the evevator stick. Keep the brakes fully on until the turbine reaches full power if you want to keep the take-off run as short as possible.

Thanks again to Nizz. Keep up the excellent work OM!


This variant requires: