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The Air Tractor AT-802AF (Fire Boss)
Modeled by...............Boof69
Physics by................Boof69
Color Sheme by..........Boof69
Link to the Air Tractor build thread
Water release_ on channel 5 (dual rates)
Cockpit doors_ on channel 8 down or away position
Windshield wiper_on channel 8 up or close position
Retracts_on channel 7 (Smoke/Retract)
Flaps_on channel 6 (knob)

Moving Control suface armatures under wings
Moving Rudder pedals and linkage
Moving Throttle and Joystick
Wingtip flood lights
Nav lights
Strobe light
Glowing exhaust pipes

The physics for this model were scrutinized by a real world pilot of this aircraft (Jim Anderson) and approved as realistic for scale flight.
For a water take-off a little pressure on the elevator is required also ample room.

If your interested in creating a CS for this model follow this LINK for a master CS template and raw normals .psd

The Air Tractor AT-802AF meaning it's the AT-802 model (A) for single seat cockpit and (F) meaning fire gate equipped. The AT-802 line are the worlds largst single engine aircraft. Mainly used in the agricultural industry but also used in fire fighting. Powered by a pratt and whittney PT6A-65AG turbine engine (the only non military aircraft allowed to use) turning a constant speed 5 blade reversable pitch prop. Cruising speed is 191 mph (307 kph) but the working speed is 130-160 mph or 209-257 kph.

Follow this link to request a model for Real Flight 6-6.5
Proper requesting sample

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