AT402 3in1 AG-RC-Tug2 Gold_AV

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This is an AV of PPLace's 402 Air Tractor. (Nice work for his second EA)

I also used the 2414 (as OP had chosen on his AV on the Swaps, Looks good OP, The airfoil shape that is)

Also removed some silly Elevator Trim i had in place during the 3 Flight phases of my other first attempts. and reduced the prop a smidge. was getting a bit close to the ground

All my edits have changed the way it flys. but i dont know what corredtions are required in a real one so I can not be correct. But I did get it to fly Straight ;)

OK so the 3 way switch changes the amount of full throtle avail.
this could in effect give the feeling of three aircraft.
AG (Scale Power + a bit ;)
RC (A little over powerd)
Tug (full power)
I am Willing to change or listen to change sugestions ;)
always learning eh :)

This variant requires: