Beaufighter TF X_E_G_HM_AV

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Beaufighter Variation of the Nicely done work of asj5547

This variation:
* Electric power / Radial Engine Sound ... allows stopping and starting of engines
* Variable Pitch Props
* Brakes on up elevator with differential braking tied to rudder (brakes start to engage at 1/2 + Rudder input)
* differential engine "steering" - during tight turns (1/2 + Rudder input) outside engine is throttled up.
* Independent landing gear retraction
* Increased speed from original

The throttle inputs the rpm to a governor, the governor regulates the Prop Pitch to keep the engine at that RPM.
When climbing, the pitch will reduce, during a dive the pitch will increase. During level flight, the pitch will increase as speed picks up to keep the engine at the requested speed. When the engines are stopped, you can see the blade pitch move using the manual pitch control.

Using differential engine/brake (full Rudder) you can spin the aircraft tightly around the inside wheel as a lot of twins do.

Controls: InterLink X by TACTIC
3 pos. sw. : forward = Guns ... back = rockets.
Dual Rates Sw. : Up = Engine Start
Rotary : CW = Mid Cockpit Close - Automatic closure at 25 MPH
Retract Sw. : Forward = Down
Right Slider : Flaps
Left Slider : "Manual Prop Pitch" ... it limit's the 'Minimum' Prop Pitch the governor can command. Up = Full Pitch

*Setting the prop pitch in the middle ensures the pitch will not go to zero.
*On the ground at idle or engines stopped, pull it back and sit at zero.
* Manual Pitch is also needed when battery's are low and the engine cannot maintain RPM, push the lever to full pitch !

This variant requires:

Beaufighter TF X_EA