Beck-Mahoney Sorceress RF7-5 V1_AV

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Beck-Mahoney Sorceress.

The Beck-Mahoney Sorceress was a racing reverse stagger wing biplane originally designed by the father and son team of Lee and Seldon Mahoney, with later improvements accomplished by pilot Don Beck.

The aircraft is famous as being the first biplane to exceed 200 mph (202.153) on a race pylon course and also held the distinction of being the most successful racing biplane in history.

The Sorceress's pilot Don Beck stood on the podium eight times in her career making the Beck-Mahoney Sorceress "the winning-est racing biplane in aviation history".

The Sorceress was retired and donated to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum after her last race in 1983.

Various modifications for RF 7.5 to get reasonably proper model flight performance.

As usual fly with the channel 5 rate switch in the “High” position.

Smoke on channel 7.

Sliding canopy on channel 6.

No landing flaps or retractable landing gear.

Flying Notes: Typically, like other one of a kind experimental aircraft, this model has its own peculiarities.

- It is very finely balanced fore / aft.

- For take off best results, apply / maintain full up elevator before / while gently applying throttle.

- Although this is a biplane, it definitely does not fly like one. It flies like a cross between a high performance low wing monoplane and a high performance jet.

- Because this aircraft was built for speed, it does somewhat give up some maneuverability.

- For landing, its best to fly it all the way in.

- For ground handling maintain full up elevator to prevent nose over.

This is an unusual aircraft which will appeal to pilots who like to fly something different.

This variant requires:

Beck-Mahoney Sorceress_EA