Beech Baron 58_EA

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For your simming pleasure, I present my 5th effort for RF, the Beechcraft Baron 58.

The Baron series was introduced in 1961 and was based on the Beechcraft Bonanza by way of the Beechcraft 95 Travel Air, which was a twin-engine plane combining the fuselage of the Bonanza with the tail surfaces of the T-34 Mentor. Beechcraft reworked the Travel Air, replacing the Mentor tail feathers with those from the Bonanza and redesigned the nacelles, and the Baron was born.

Still in production today, the Baron has been near the top of the light GA "food chain" since its introduction. The next step up is a big one indeed.

My model represents the Baron 58 which was introduced in 1970. This model featured a longer cabin, club seating and more powerful engines than its predecessors the Baron 55 and Baron 56. I'll ask you not to look too closely at the model, it is more of an "artist's interpretation" than an accurate reproduction. 3-views were almost impossible to find, and those I found were very small and lacking detail. I ended up taking bits and pieces from several 3-views of 58's and 55's, tracing them in my CAD program, zooming on the resulting CAD views to get a large enough image, saving and stitching together the resulting .jpg's to make my own 3-views. Then, about 3 or 4 dozen photos of various quality were used to fill in the missing bits and shape parts that weren't clear in any of the views I found.

That said, the resulting 3d model is certainly inaccurate, but I think she captures the essence and grace of the Baron. Hope you guys will enjoy flying her :)

Flight controls are as expected. Flaps of course on the rotary knob, landing gear on top-right toggle switch. I've added brakes to this model, they are activated by pressing forward on the elevator stick (down elevator.) At mid-stick the brakes are fully released, they won't engage until you reach 75% of forward (down) elevator travel.

Visual model - DirtyHarry3033
Physics model - DirtyHarry3033
CS - DirtyHarry3033