Blade CP Pro Etail Simple_AV

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Blade CP Pro E-Tail (New Tx) Congratulations you purchased a new Tx (Or Not ;) )
This AV Of Phranks CP Pro E-Tail has now got;
Throttle hold (Smoke switch/landing gear switch)
3 Throttle curves (3way switch)
2 pitch curves (3way switch)
Hi Low rates (Hi Lo switch)

I have changed the Expo. Previously it was always set to -20 witch is too twitchy.

Now it is set to 20 45. 45 for hi (Smooth in the middle)

Gyro still works (Knob). but I sugest you have it turned at least 25 degrees clockwise in "Normal mode" (3way switch)

This variant requires:

Blade CP Pro Etail_EA

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