Boeing 787-9 DreamLiner 852 lbs retracts mod_AV

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" The Dreamliner effect. That's a better way to fly"
This Variant is 41 feet long, 852 lbs. Weights, strengthening and power changed to match 250% model. Flown in RF 9 @ Evergreen Airport for the runway length. What a monster! You can feel the weight. Fun to watch and hear! And reverse thrusters! A great thrill to fly and land. Have fun! No flaps landings at 70 mph. Still tweaking and will update.
I'm thinking how I would get this to the field if it was!


It seems the retracts used on my original airport do not work at all airports or harder surfaces. I am trying standard scale retracts and tweaking for all airports.

This variant requires:

Boeing 787-9 DreamLiner_EA