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When I am not flying at the Culpeper Model Barnstormers RC Flying Field (CMB), I fly in my backyard in Brandy Station Virginia. It's a nice to have this little compact RC Flying Field. The other day I was feeling kinda gutsy so I launched my brand new Carbon Z Cub (84") back there. Pucker factor was a +6. Gotta admit, it was kinda cool to see something that big flying in my backyard.

Night Flying
To change day into night is easy. Use Shift Page-Up to make the day light brighter and Shift Page-Down to turn day light in to night time. Watch the lights come on at -9 degrees. You will be amazed at how many objects have lights embedded. You will also notice that props and rotors are fully illuminated. I have found that multi-engine or pusher prop aircraft are the best to fly at night. That way you are not looking through a very brightly illuminated prop.

Flying In The Backyard:
Choose your favorite airplane (recommend a Cub) and take off Rwy 10 (Default). Fly between the tall tree and the neighbor's house before making your crosswind turn. Stay in the pattern if you are flying LOS. If you chose to fly FPV - do go exploring.

LOS Landings in the Back Yard: Takeoffs pretty easy - just clear the trees. When coming in to land, keep it in tight. Come left around the trees and land between them. If your feeling gutsy, try landing 28 - you'll need to slip hard to get in. Check it out:

FPV Landings in the Backyard: To set up for FPV landing, circle out over the boat dock and then turn inbound. Turn right to downwind just beforer the road. At the end of the last house, turn left on to base. Should be at 100' Roll onto final (100 degrees) and begin descending. Should pass 30' above the shed on short final. Your final approach is between the two trees. Be sure to land on the numbers and apply brakes - otherwise you will meet the soccer goal and the cheers of the other pilots watching. This is an interesting challenge. Check it out:

Float Fly:
On the other side of my back yard fence is is a float plane dock and a few deck chairs. You can Float Fly airplanes and helis. VIEW > CAMERA POSITION >
For fun, I added an aircraft carrier just off shore - really like the challenge of landing FPV.

Gilligan's Island:
Depart FPV on Rwy 10, climb out, and turn crosswind to a heading of 315 degrees (press the '9' key to display the HUD). It is about one and half minutes out. You can also choose an VIEW > CAMERA POSITION > Island Pilot/plane or heli and start on the island. There is a heli pads in front of the hangar.

Hill Top Airport (Field Elevation is 350' AGL):
This is another fun place to go. One way to get there is to go via FPV from my backyard.
- Press '9' to activate HUD.
- Takeoff Rwy 10 - fly between tree and house - turn left 330 degrees - climb to 600'
- At 1000 clicks turn left to 220 degrees. You are now on long final for Rwy 22
- Plan your approach so you will land on the numbers.
- If you touch down to fast - you will drop off the mountain when you reach the end of the runway.

The other way to get there is to chose the camera position 'Pilot (AP) Hill Top Apt Rwy 4 or 22'. For some real fun - try 'Pilot - Air Boss in Tower'. If you are flying an airplane, it will be parked by the tents. Follow the taxiway to Rwy 36. Helis launched off the Heli Pad. One very thing COOL about being the Air Boss is that you fly 360 degrees around the tower.

Enjoy ...
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