BuggenHill No27a G45 Add On 1 to 5 NEEDED_AP

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BugginHill No.27a
Added a lot of items and power up’s for different games from version 25c, as well as a set of rings for the new 5.5 Deadringer to run around in as the site was originally built for combat (you need to find them first).

I have been doing some Funfly sessions recently so I’ve added in a new set of roadways just for this in the centre of the field with both the default Airplane and Helicopter spawn’s close by. This was partly to address the issue AAA97 gave me about the camera re-setting on version 27 which I hope has fixed this, thanks to him for the comment.

You NEED the RealFlight G4.5 FREE ADD-ON’s to fly in here, please make sure you have them before joining this airport on-line as you will be missing a lot. Site uses a couple of building around the very edge (tower blocks) just as fill-ins and places to try to land in if you fancy something different, from Expansion Pack 6.

Feedback welcome, it’s only by this it gets any better.
Comments welcome on the forum, just search for BugMan and send me a PM.

Please see the first version (25) on the swap site as it has a pointer to a YouTube video of the site to see what you should be able to see in here.

See you on-line
Steve BugMan

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