Bulldog RF7 V2_AV

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In 1932, after a heated disagreement with the Granville Brothers (designers of the world-famous Gee Bee racers) designer/engineer/test pilot Robert Hall left the group and went on to form Springfield Aircraft, Inc. to design his own aircraft. One such aircraft, christened the Bulldog after the famed Yale mascot, was funded by the Guggenheim family of New York. The goal for this aircraft was to compete in the 1932 National Air Races.

The Hall Bulldog featured a distinctive gull wing design and rear-located cockpit. Featuring a wing span of 26 feet and a fuselage length of 19 feet, the racer was painted red and black with a white stripe accentuating the trim colors.

In qualifying for the Thompson Race the Bulldog reached a speed of 243.717 mph. Unfortunately, during the race the speed was a disappointing 215.57 mph with a brief top speed of 270 mph. The Bulldog went on to finish in a disappointing 6th place and was subsequently dismantled shortly after the races were over.

Note: Wing Camera pan is controlled by the Interlink rotary knob.

Various modifications for RF7.

Fly with the rate switch in the “High” position. No landing flaps or retracts. Has smoke on channel 7.

A very nice flying aircraft.

This variant requires:

Bulldog from RealFlight 7