BVM Ultra Bandit RF7-5 V1_AV

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BVM Ultra Bandit.

The Bob Violett Models Ultra Bandit is a high speed jet which is flight test proven to endure 200 mph and extreme aerobatics. It has a generous wing area with built-in washout for very stable slow flight and landings.
Extra large landing flaps delete the need for speed brake devices and allow very slow landings.


Various adjustments for excellent flight characteristics in RF 7.5.

Controls include throttle, rudder, ailerons, elevator, retractable landing gear, wheel brakes, and drop tanks.

Fly with the channel 5 rate switch in the “High” position.

Channel 6 controls the landing flaps and engages the wheel brakes.

Channel 7 controls the retractable landing gear.

Channel 8 controls the drop tanks. Fly with the switch closest to you. To drop the tanks toggle to the position farthest from you.

This is a very nice flying jet model. Easy to control. Nice landings. It glides quite well with full flaps so start your landing approach a bit farther out.

This variant requires:

BVM Ultra Bandit_EA