Combat Jousting_UpperDeck_07_FGJr_AP

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Here's one more map in the Combat Jousting series. It too
is a fun fly and an in-plane flight skill-builder, in or out of
the game. Eight Game Spawns and one regular spawn.

Note: If you don't see the black roof on this building, you
need to get your FREE Add-on files from the RealFlight
website (you will find it on the Help menu). You're missing
out on Objects, Maps and Aircraft. Click on
Help/Websites/RealFlight....when the page loads, hover
over or click on Downloads/Add-ons and download all 5
<.zip> folders. Follow the simple instructions on the Add-
on page...or ask a friend to assist you with the simple
extraction process. If you have a headset, someone on RF
will be glad to help talk you through it.

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