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On November 5, 1934, while practicing night landings on an unlighted runway at Fort Crockett, Texas
Lieutenant Colonel Horace Meek Hickam was killed when his Curtiss A-12 Shrike serial number 33-250 of the Third Attack Group hit an embankment and flipped over. Flags flew at half-mast as the men under his command mourned the loss of their beloved leader. The full complement of military personnel assigned to the Third Attack Group at Fort Crockett ,Texas marched from the post to the Malloy & Son funeral home and from there escorted the body of their late commander to the train at Union Station, as a flight of aircraft flew overhead in the missing-man formation. Mrs. Hickam accompanied the body to Washington for the funeral at Arlington National Cemetery, where he was buried with full military honors on November 10, 1934

In 1935, a board of officers met in Washington, D.C., and recommended that the new Army Air Corps station to be constructed in the Territory of Hawaii be named in honor of Lieutenant Colonel Horace Meek Hickam. Major General Benjamin D. Foulois, Chief of the Air Corps, approved; General Douglas MacArthur, War Department Chief of Staff, issued the orders; and on May 31, 1935, the new flying field on the island of Oahu was dedicated and named "Hickam Field” Which along with Pearl Harbor was Suprise attacted by the Japanese on Decembr 7th 1941.
This was a fitting tribute to the West Pointer who began his career in the cavalry then transferred to the Army Air Service and became a pioneer advocate of air power.

This 1/6 scale model is powered by a Saito FA-200R3 three cylinder radial.

3D model by jeffpn
CS by Maj. Numbskully
Physics just sorta happened.

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